RCBS Summit Press Review: Is it Really Premium Quality?

Buying a reloading press can be a hard task, but a gun enthusiast can read the RCBS Summit press review which will go a long way in helping them choose the best accessory for them. With decades of experience in the reloading business RCBS has created a renowned name for itself by creating innovative and high-quality products. The popular manufacturer has made the new RCBS Summit Single Stage Reloader, a new accessory for gun users of all kinds.

The reloader is effective yet easy to operate, even amateur operators with a little know-how can operate it safely. The state of the art equipment has revolutionized how people handle guns and ammunition. Weighing at just 21.1 pounds, every reloader will find it robust and compact, easily portable for using all sorts of workspaces. The reloader can be easily mounted or a work bench or a trailer hitch mount using a c- clamp to allow storage when not in use. As with all RCBS products, the customer enjoys a limited life warranty.

RCBS Summit Press Review

RCBS Summit Press Review

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The RCBS Summit Single Stage reloader offers a new design which is robust to ensure precision in all reloading tasks. This is press specially designed to allow easy and efficient reloader. Made out of cast iron and linked with steel linkages, this reloader guarantees the user many years of flawless service. This is a product surely made to last.

While many reloader presses bring the die to the shell, in the RCBS press, it’s the other way around, giving a unique style which makes straighter ammo. The new open-front design is helpful when working with tall rounds. This design also saves tie as it is easy to remove completed rounds and facilities quick die changes.


With customer comfort being a priority, RCBS makes another innovative feature to maximize user experience during the reloading process. The press handle is easy fitted to the right or left side. This allows either right handed or southpaw user’s maximum comfort.


Featuring a big 2” inch ram, the RCBS press is sturdy since it determines how sturdy the tool is. Because it supports most of the weight and the actual process, this wide ram in addition to the cast iron frame promises a flawless and stress-free reloading. The RCBS adds another simple yet very helpful feature, the spent primer catcher, just under the shell holder. This prevents keeps the workplace clean saving time used for cleaning after long reloading tasks.


The manufacturer also incorporates a large opening frame measuring 4.5 inches. This large frame allows resizing and seating of ammunition on different kinds of brass. This creates a convenient workspace for efficient reloading. The RCBS Summit Single Stage reloader also has a zero fitting for lubrication.

PROS and CONS for RCBS Summit Press

Pros: Advantage of RCBS Summit Press Review

  • Holds the brass securely creating a smooth finish.
  • Allow different dies for different dies for different ammunition types
  • Portable as it only weighs 21 pounds.
  • Full frontal access.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Ambidextrous handle suitable for both right and left-handed people.

Cons: Disadvantage of RCBS Summit Press

  • Cannot use electric power, has to be used manually.
  • The shorter handle that works better for small bullets has to be purchased differently.


With experienced user and owners posting their user reviews in the RCBS summit press reviews, a potential customer can see that most of the are positive as they lavish praise on the RCBS reloader for its sturdiness and unique design.

A large number of customers rated the press 5 stars out of the possible 5 giving various reasons why they enjoy the product. The unique top-down configuration amazed the users with the smoothness and straightness of the shells.

The ease of the setting the RCBS Summit Single Stage Reloading Press appealed to most new users with some of them stating that “I’m had new to hand loading, so this is my first press. I’ve had a chance to put together a number of loads at this point and I’m very pleased with the Summit. It is solid and precise. The finishing is impressive. I’ve had no issues and a ton of fun” and “We’ve had a Summit for a couple weeks and even mounted one on a trailer hitch for use at the range.

So far, we are very impressed with the unit: It’s easy to use, has a small footprint and the spent primer capture system is fool-proof. Most importantly, the summit loads very straight ammo” the simplicity at which even large cartridges were reloaded has earned plenty of praise.

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In conclusion, The RCBS Summit Single Stage press offers a unique and exciting alternative to most of the products in the same category. Its durability, easy to used design, combined with the ability to produce high-quality work sets it apart in the reloading business.

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