Lee Loadmaster Review: Probably The Best Progressive Press

Progressive reloading presses are very popular with users who are in need of many rounds of ammunition loaded in a less amount of time. Compared to other types of reloading presses, this particular kind delivers the most number since it works on multiple stages with every pull of the handle.

Although progressive reloading presses are usually the most expensive type, they are also versatile that you can use it for hundreds of calibers that you may have. And with that fact, reloaders may not have the need to purchase other types of equipment but only this.

In most cases, they are also the most complex when it comes to setting up, but with also hundreds or maybe thousands of videos that you can search online, surely you’ll find some that can help you guided with the assembly. And for some new to reloading, getting the see how it works and the process, you’ll be able to crack your rounds in no time.

Lee Loadmaster Review

Lee Precision has been a leading manufacturer when it comes to reloading presses. They have all the types available and even offer complete kits especially for beginners who wish to start right away. These kits are also some of the best deals that you can get since you don’t have to purchase separate parts which may cost more than having them bundled.

This Lee Loadmaster review wishes to help people know more about the best features of the product. You could be one of the many reloaders who is thinking about getting an upgrade or simply shopping for your very first reloading press. In any case, this review can provide you with information that you need.

Lee Loadmaster Review

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# Auto Index: As one of the best features that you can get from most progressive reloading presses, the Lee Precision Load Master has it as well. Unlike other types wherein you work on a single stage and has to rotate the turret head to do the next step, this particular press does it automatically. While it ensures consistency, it also saves a lot of time for the user and be able to crank more than ever.

# Die Cast Aluminum Frame: Made of sturdy and designed perfectly for its job, you can make sure that this progressive reloading press can last for a long time. You can rely on it for hours of operation and still get the same output for all your reloading jobs.

# 5 Stage Progressive Press: Work from sizing the brass up to crimping your cartridge, the Lee Precision Load Master is a one-stop equipment that works on your cases until its ready for use.

# Removable Turret: The turret head makes the job of switching from one caliber to another easier. By setting up your dies for a specific caliber on a turret, the adjustments will stay intact whenever you need to use them. Having one turret for each caliber is the best way to maximize your equipment. Most Lee Loadmaster review finds this feature very helpful and efficient as well.

# Changeable Shell Plate: Working on different types of calibers should never be a problem with the Lee Precision Load Master. Its shell plates can easily be changed to a different one if you needed to switch on different ammo to work with.

# Compatibility: The Lee Precision Load Master works well with other standard dies that has 7/8″-14. This means that for most seasoned reloaders who may wish to work with their existing dies, this progressive reloading press can accommodate them.

# Included: Aside from the reloading press itself, this kit also includes accessories or tools that make the job even faster and effective. It includes three carbide dies which make it ready for use, Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure to ensure that your cases get the right amount of charge all the time and the Case Feeder for faster reloading and lessens additional hand movements while reloading.

You also get the prime feeder; a case catches bin to ensure every ejected cartridge stays in one place which you can empty by batch and also the manuals that can provide help when setting up the Lee Precision Load Master.

PROS and CONS Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol

Things We Liked

  • The Lee Precision Load Master is a heavy-duty equipment that can last for years
  • Its compatibility with other standard dies will save the user a lot of money by not buying what they already have.
  • Can produce around 400 or more rounds in an hour
  • Simple to operate with nothing much complexity
  • It has a built-in priming system
  • Turret heads can be replaced easily for changing calibers
  • Loads of video tutorials online for additional help
  • Auto index can be switched to manual if needed

Things We Didn't Like

  • Available accessories can be purchased for additional costs
  • The manual included may not enough for beginners to understand quickly

Things to Consider Before Buying

When planning to get a progressive reloading press, it helps to know a lot of information about a particular product before you make a decision to buy them. With so many progressive types of presses that you will see in the market, it is very vital that you decide based on what you need as well as what you can afford. From most lee loadmaster reviews, one of the factors that reloaders consider for getting Lee Precision products is its price. This particular brand is one of the most affordable in the market yet it doesn’t sacrifice any of its quality.

Before buying, make sure the caliber you’re working on is fit for the equipment that you are buying. Also, checking on some great deals online may help you save some bucks. Most lee loadmaster reviews also provide you with information on how they utilize their reloading press which gives you a bigger picture of how it will be beneficial for you.

Set your budget and work your search from there. Don’t waste time looking for other brands that you think you cannot afford unless you are willing to add more cash. Considering that the Lee Precision Load Masterworks on standard dies, check if your existing dies will also match.

Customer Reviews

The Lee Precision Load Master has been a popular choice for a lot of reloaders for a lot of reasons which can be proven by the number of reviews it got all over the web.

Checking for some lee loadmaster reviews, there are currently 61 customers who gave their honest opinion about the products and would recommend the same to other reloaders as well.

While we wanted to say that this product is great all the way, nothing can be perfect actually. In fact, some of the comments mentioned that “It does take some time and tinkering to get it set up initially,” which is just normal especially for new users while it can easily be resolved by watching some online videos to help you with detailed setup information.

However, there are more positive points that were also given to show how reliable the Lee Precision Load Master was. Some of the great comments state that After the fine tuning, worked without a problem. Very enjoyable”, “This is an excellent pressand “Since I have gotten used to it, I am very pleased with the operation of the press. Great value for the money.”

In general, this particular progressive reloading press is a reliable, fully functional and can be trusted by reloaders whether they’ve been doing it for a long time or just new to the hobby.

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Looking at the different lee loadmaster reviews, we can say that there might be a few troubles when it comes to setting up the press for some people. However, its ability to do it’s just was never compromised. Aside from the fact that Lee Precision is greatly considered by its affordability, it also delivers quality ammunition’s which reloaders will be able to save a lot over time.

A progressive press does different stages in a single pull of the lever, but what separates the Lee Load Master is the ability of the reloaders to switch into manual indexing to take control over the process. This gives you better touch on what is going on and gives versatility to the equipment.

Since the Load Master comes with a kit, it also is a great buy since it includes most parts that you will need to start the right way. This is also a huge saving compared to buying them one by one later on. So if you are looking for a reloading press that is cost efficient, easy to use, comes in a complete package and an enjoyable for on hobby, then this Lee Precision Load Master is your best bet.

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