Lee 4 Hole Turret Press Review: Should You Buy This Reloading Press?

This particular turret press is designed in such a way that makes it capable of utilizing turrets that lock into a powerful steel ring as well as powerful linkage. These features allow the machine to size very large magnum cases with minimum effort. The machine offers a generous hand clearance as well as comfortable wood grip, making it capable of offering years of service to the user. You can also buy extra turrets in order to quickly and effortlessly change calibers.

In addition, the machine has a built-in primer catcher and a longer stroke. The machine’s 4th Hole is used for installing crimp dies in the turret press. This reloading press also comes with an auto index with the capacity to load cartridges with an average length of 2.313 inches or less. The design does have any spring. Read the following Lee 4 Hole Turret Press review to get more enlightened about its workings and advantages:

Why Would You Spend Dollars on this Reloading Press?

This particular Press comes with all the features of the award -winning Turret Press. Its features help to make this machine one of the finest and convenient press to own. The machine is so good such that you would want to own one even if you own a more expensive turret press. The machine’s iron base makes the machine very sturdy.

Lee 4 Hole Turret Press Review

Features of the Lee 4-Hole Turret Press in Details

Lee 4 Hole Turret Press Review

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1. Solid Steel Ring: The 4 -Hole Turret Press is attached to a solid ring with lugs resembling big rifle bolts. The lugs are located on the circumference in order to prevent the possibility of tipping. In addition, the linkage is very powerful and has the ability to size large magnum cases with very little effort.

2. Lever: The machine comes with a hardwood gripped lever that is very durable.

3. Sturdy Iron Base: The machine has a sturdy iron base that makes it very stable and durable.

4. Long Stroke: The machine’s long stroke allows rifle cases which are 3 inches long and over to be loaded using the automatic index.

5. Cast iron frame: The cast iron frame helps support the ram with over 12 square inches of area. 

6. Primer catcher: The machine comes with a built-in primer catcher with large and small primer cups.

7. Auto-Index Feature: This auto-index feature has the ability to load cartridges with an average length of 2.313 inches or less.

8. Warranty: The machine has a two-year unconditional warranty.

9. Mounting Hardware: The machine comes with mounting hardware.

10. Mounting holes: The machine has 3 mounting holes.

11. Other Accessories: The machine’s other accessories include a primer pocket cleaner, chamfer tool, safety scale, as well as cutter and lock stud. Additional accessories include Caliber specific dies and an Auto disk rider (necessary where one is using dies from other manufacturers), among others. Read a more detailed Lee 4 Hole Turret Press Review for more concerning its accessories.

PROS and CONS of Lee 4 Hole Turret Press


  • No Spring: The machine dies not feature any spring.
  • Strength: The machine’s linkage is so strong such that it has the ability to size very large magnum with a lot of ease.
  • Grip: The machine has a comfortable wooden handle that is quite durable.
  • Durability: The machine has a cast iron frame that makes it very durable.
  • Stability: The machine has a sturdy iron base that helps make it very stable while being operated.
  • Shipping: Shipping can be done within the USA.
  • Requires Less Effort to Operate: The machine requires very little effort to operate such when compared to other types of turret presses which require the use of a heavy bench.
  • Automatic Index: This feature has the ability to load cartridges with an average length of 2.133 inches or less.
  • Primer catcher: The machine has a built-in primer catcher with both small and large primer cups.
  • Hand clearance: The machine is associated with more hand clearance when compared to other types of turret presses.


  • Spent primer Catcher: The machine does not come with a spent primer catcher. This means that the ejected spent primers are scattered all over the floor. This seems to be the major drawback with this product.

Customer Feedback 

Many customers who have purchased this product have rated it a five star. Some of the customers are impressed by its workmanship. Others like the product because it is easy to operate and is light weight. In addition, most customers say that they are satisfied with its performance and are also in agreement that it gives them value for money.

Some customers were of the opinion that Lee 4-hole turret press is one of the best turret presses they have ever owned and have used it frequently without any incident. A good number of users like the machine because it is very easy to set up. Generally, most users have expressed great satisfaction with the performance of this machine.

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This particular type of turret press comes with great features that allow it to be rated as one of the best turret presses on the market today. It is also relatively affordable considering that it a high performing piece of equipment. In addition, the machine is built to last and is quite easy to operate and set up. This machine will serve you satisfactorily and gives you value for money.

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