Indispensable Equipment For Every Reloader

All reloaders have shopping lists of equipment that they want to buy. Most of them start by buying reloading equipment that they can’t do without and then move to more expensive extras. Are there items that you would love to buy regardless of the cost? Our list of indispensable equipment for every reloader will help you consider your options:

Redding T-7 Turret Press

The Redding T-7 Turret Press combines versatility with sophistication. It is precise, durable and powerful, and is known for its toughness and ergonomic design. This is the type of equipment that was used to handload ammunition in the 19th century.

The seven die positions in the turret plate are its main advantage. It is made of cast iron and is capable of handling large cartridges.

This Redding reloading press allows you to mount and use dies for three calibers without any need to adjust, change or remove anything between calibers or stages.
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Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle

Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle is just right for you if you worry about possible electronic equipment failure and are obsessive about weighing powder charges for your rifle cartridges. The high-speed knob drops powder quickly and the slow trickle knob finishes the charge off.

It isn’t as fast as a high-quality electronic automatic charger but it is still quite quick, and, once you get used to it, just as accurate. You can use it to load precision cartridges in the field, where no power socket is available.

It can be combined with a good balance-beam scale for non-powered precision measurement of the propellant.
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RCBS Universal Case Prep Center

The RCBS Universal Case Prep Center performs its main function of power trimming cases exactly to length flawlessly. It also offers a nice range of minor preparation functions.

It is powered by a heavy-duty 24-VDC motor and offers six stations for mounting primer pocket brushes, chamfer tools, etc.

Its trim function is micrometer adjustable and accepts case diameters ranging from .250 – .625-inch and from .720 – 3.375 inches in length.
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Lyman Reloading Handbook

The Lyman Reloading Handbook has been used to get information about cartridges and their features for a very long time. Even now, it is one of the most popular reloading reference handbooks because it isn’t linked to any particular component manufacturer.

As a result, it is complete and very objective. It also provides a large amount of information for cast bullets, an area that’s totally neglected by most of the reloading manuals.

The newest edition of this reloading manual provides information about most of the popular new cartridges and a wide range of projectile and powder types and manufacturers.
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RCBS Chargemaster

Although most of the electronic powder dispensers currently available are good tools in general, they are usually high-maintenance, delicate devices that are not easy to clean.

Minor irritants may be the last thing you would want at a time when a botched loading process could possibly blow up a rifle and its owner.

The RCBS Chargemaster has become the preferred charger of many. You can count on it to turn on, calibrate and throw charges without any hassles, and it is also easy to empty and clean.
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Dillon Precision 550B

The Dillon Precision 550B is easy to set up and use. It allows you to load large numbers of cartridges with little effort. Some people feel that the Dillon 650 press is better because it can load more ammunition with even less effort.

However, others feel that the low-maintenance Dillon Precision 550B allows you to load cartridges with greater consistency.

Besides loading large amounts of handgun ammunition, you can also use the Dillon reloading press to reload rifle cartridges that will reliably group less than an inch with an accurate rifle.
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RCBS Model 505 Scale

You will find a variety of balance scales of different types with different capabilities on the market. The RCBS Model 505 is an old favorite that’s more robust than the rest. It can weigh powder charges and other things weighing up to 511 grains.

You can try the 1010 model for more capacity. This is twice the weight of the typical 505-grain capability that most balance scales offer. The extra capacity gives this scale a major advantage if you like to experiment with classic black powder cartridges and the .50 BMG occasionally.

The RCBS Model 505 Scale has a protective hard cover and it is accurate to one-tenth grain.
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Lyman 2200 Auto-Flo Case Tumbler

This high-quality tumbler can polish your cases thoroughly, making them look as good as new. Its 1.5-gallon bowl is made from a thick, durable material that lasts really long despite hard use.

It can hold as many as 750 .38 Special cases and has a clear lid that allows you to monitor the progress.

Once your cases are clean, you can pull the drain plug and allow its vibrating motion to separate your cases from the polishing media. The Lyman 2200 isn’t cheap but it’s so durable that it can last for generations.
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You can pick items you like from our list of indispensable equipment for every reloader and add them to your kit over a period of time. First invest in essentials that you can’t do without and then buy equipment that you love but don’t need at once.