How to Reload Ammo: A Complete Guide for reloader

Know how to reload your own ammunitions and some useful information about reloading

The most common reason why people choose to reload their own ammunitions would be to save money compared to buying ready made bullets that are quite expensive. Aside from that, they also get to enjoy the hobby of reloading as it gives them the pleasure of producing their own which is something to be proud of.

Asking the question of how to reload ammo will give you quite a lot of answers as there are different calibers, tools, reloading presses and even procedures that have to be accounted for. So in this article, we will look at the general process on how you can start with reloading, depending on your caliber, and what are the things you need.

Types of Reloading Presses

If you collect different kinds of firearms, you would naturally choose to reload your own ammos. One of the very first things to have then would be your own reloading press. These presses come in different types and different brands where in the prices will vary. Depending on how much rounds you need would determine the best type for your needs.

  • Single Stage Reloading Press – This press is usually the choice for beginners since it works on one cartridge and one die at a time. It is definitely slow compared to other types but it’s the best way to start with so you can get used to the hobby.
  • Turret Press – Working with all of the dies that you need will speed up the process for sure. A turret head hold the dies in their position from depriming until crimping the bullet. Although there is only one slot for a case, this still provides more ammo compared to a single stage.
  • Progressive Reloading Press – Be able to finish more than 500 rounds per hours when you use a progressive press. This has been the usual choice for reloaders who fire a lot of bullets whether for hunting or just shooting. It is also the most expensive type of reloading press.

how to reload ammo

How to Reload Ammo

How to Reload Ammo – Handgun 

How to Reload handgun ammoBasically, reloading is cheaper. However, for those types of calibers that are very popular to most users, expect that they will also be much cheaper than the others. If you are looking for some help on how to reload 9mm ammo, you only need to choose the reloading press that you want as well as the set of dies that you need.

This particular ammo is also one of the easiest to find in the market so you won’t have a hard time reloading them at all. Nevertheless, ways on how to reload handgun ammo are basically dependent on the type of your press. The different stages are most of the time standard and apply to most cartridges.

Stages on Reloading Press

  • Sizing the brass
  • Depriming
  • Priming
  • Powder charging
  • Bullet seating
  • Crimping

On the other hand, there are other things that you have to have all the time in order to continuously reload. The question of how to reload your own ammo may give you different answers as there are many things that need to be considered, however, here are the most basic supplies that you need provided you already have your own reloading press.

  • Your empty or used cartridges
  • Recommended primers
  • Quality brand of powder
  • Your choice of bullets

How to Reload Ammo – Rifle

How to Reload rifle ammoReloading rifle ammos are also common nowadays. Reloaders just have to but a set of dies for a particular caliber that they are working on. How to reload rifle ammo will depend on the press that you will be using while it would be best to have the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Kit as one of your options. This model already includes a kit which has most of the tools that you need.

If you are looking for ways on how to reload pistol ammo, know that this may have similar process to that of the others. What makes the difference would be the set of dies used in order to work on a particular caliber.

How to Reload Ammo – Shotgun

How to reload shortgun ammoWhile there are many people that are using pistol or rifles for their choice of firearms, some use shotguns as well and this can be reloaded by using the right reloading press. Relaoders must know that reloading this particular type of ammo is somewhat different from the others are there are other parts and procedures that needs to be done.

However, having the right information on how to reload shotgun ammo is very important. Things that you need to prepare would be:

  • Empty hulls
  • Plastic wadding
  • Shot, using desired shot number
  • Primers
  • Powder

Important Considerations for Reloading your Own Ammo

As we have already established, reloading your own ammos are way cheaper than buying readymade bullets. However, this is not at all the only thing you need to know as there are other factors that goes with it.

Do you have the Time?

The truth is, you’ll be spending a lot of time while reloading; this means that you have to plan ahead if you are willing to spend more time with it. This also includes considering the people around you as you might have some priorities to do and might just end up not being able t maximize your reloading hobby.

Eye for Accuracy

The question of how to reload ammos is not answered by just buying a complete set of tools, supplies and equipment’s. This also calls for your skills to be keen on details as you would want to ensure that you are doing the right thing all the time. Not just the precision of your ammos but also safety.

What would be the Purpose of Reloading your Ammo?

The answer to this determines a lot of things. Will you be shooting a lot or maybe joining competitions to say that you need a progressive type of press? Will you use it for hunting as most people find pleasure in doing so? Knowing these firsthand will help you decide better on what products to get and how much of the supplies you need.

Overall, reloading your ammos will require specific set of dies to start with. Depending on the reloading press that you have will determine how much amount you will have to spend. If you are in need for a step by step guide on how to reload ammo, you can always check online videos that are made brand specific. And remember, it is very important that you have the right tools and use the right supplies all the time to ensure a safe workplace.

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