Top 3 Best Reloading Dies in 2017 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you wondering for some best reloading dies to choose for yours?

Best Reloading DiesDies are one of the most important components that a reloader would need to have in order to do the process of reloading their ammunitions. With that said, it is very crucial to find the best reloading dies for your particular caliber so that you can ensure that reloading your brass will always have precision and reliable outcome.

Depending on the die sets that you have, some may have problems when it comes to it being jammed or not being able to deliver quality shells. However, if you choose to own some of the best brands in the market, these problems will be eliminated resulting better shooting experience.

While there might be many brands to choose from that manufacture die sets, there are 3 main brands that are known for quality and reliability. Hornady, RCBS and Lee are all known for their years of creating die sets as well as providing the variety of dies for different types of ammos. In this best reloading dies review, we will be looking at these 3 main brands and why they have become the most trusted by most reloaders nowadays.

Comparison Table Best Reloading Dies in 2017

1. Lee Precision Reloading Dies – Least time consuming

Lee Precision Reloading Dies ReviewsWhen it comes to availability, one can easily agree that the Lee Precision Dies are one of the brands that have a wide variety of dies available to almost any caliber that you might be working on. Some other brands may have limited availability but for Lee Precision, it’s like they have captured every need that reloaders may have.

Lee Precision Dies now offers carbide dies wherein it eliminates the need for you to lubricate your shells. This removes the huge amount of time from doing so which makes it possible to crack more ammos at a given time. Its spindle assembly has also been redesigned to be held in its place with a collet.

The Lee Precision Dies, as they would usually come in sets would be able to finish your reloading process from start to finish. Its sizing die provides accuracy for the shells as it prepares for the process until you get your finished product. Since the brand Lee Precision has also been known for manufacturing reloading presses, you would also find some reloading kits available complete with reloading dies. Although it may be a part of an investment at first, this brand is still considered to be one of the best

Since the brand Lee Precision has also been known for manufacturing reloading presses, you would also find some reloading kits available complete with reloading dies. Although it may be a part of an investment at first, this brand is still considered to be one of the best reloading dies producers for its fair price.

Aside from this, Lee Precision die sets also comes with a free shell holder of the same size as the dies. This would be an instant saving as some brands would charge extra for it. Also, users would get a Powder Measure and Charge Table list that comes with the set of dies too. This information is very useful especially for beginners and would come in very handy.

Reloaders would find it more practical to avail of their reloading press kits as they would really be able to save more. on the other hand, even though the Lee Precision brand tends to be cheaper than the others, its quality do not suffer. Most users have been using their dies for many years and won’t have any problem at all. Lee also backs their products with their lifetime warranty which makes it a popular choice for both beginners and seasoned reloaders.

2. Hornady Reloading Dies – Marked by sturdiness

Hornady Reloading Dies ReviewsThe making of Hornady dies went through extreme care and quality which makes them one of the best reloading dies in the market right now. The name Hornady has been in the business for years you might actually have some of their oldest tools at home still that may have been used by your father or grandpa. Carefully made dies are the recipe for making sure that they work precisely and delivers smooth operation as much as it can. Settling for low quality dies may only result to your dismay as well as inconsistency with your ammunitions.

Carbide dies from Hornady not only extends the life of the shells but also makes the job of a reloader easier. No need to lube or rub your cases as this type of dies is designed to be smooth and stick-free. Its Zip Spindle Design on all of its full-length sized dies locks consistently which eliminates slippage. On the other hand, Hornady’s pistol dies has a titanium nitride “gold ring” that is harder than a carbide die which also does not need any lubrication. This makes it possible resizing your pistol cases without leaving a scratch.

Hornady also features the Sure-Loc wherein it ensures pressure on the threads which holds the ring in its place avoiding damage during the process of reloading. While there would be a number of times where in certain adjustments have to be made, Hornady’s compression washer makes it easier for the user to make the necessary adjustment to the dies while making sure they are kept in their rightful place.

One of the crucial stages of reloading your cases would be the seating of the bullet. With that said, Hornady’s In-line Bullet Seating System is a feature wherein it ensures that the bullets are properly aligned before they are seated on the brass. This system involves holding the bullet, case neck and seating stem in its right alignment in the sleeve before the neck of the case receives the bullet.

In some cases wherein you wanted some custom made dies, Hornady can do them for you. These custom made dies from Hornady are made of high precision and quality to ensure that your objectives are met. These dies are hand-crafted and well polished to ensure quality and accuracy.

3. RCBS Reloading Dies – Most complete reloading dies solution

RCBS Reloading Dies ReviewsAnother name in the industry of die manufacturers would be the RCBS. Their die sets are not the ones that you’ll find very affordable in the market but that are the ones that are made of high quality as well. As one of the best reloading dies right now, RCBS is one tough brand that provides accurate dies that’s easy to use and work on.

In most cases, RCBS offers 3 set of dies for both categories of rifles and handguns. Since they are also carbide dies, it also frees you from the lubricating process. The 3 dies sets works in different stages of reloading using your press. The Carbide Sizer Die of the RCBS is the one responsible for sizing the case as well as depriming it. The next tool, which is the Expander Die will expand the neck of the brass to ensure that the bullet will be able to fit in. This process is very important to ensure accuracy and safety. Lastly, the third tool which is the Seater Die will seat the bullet into the case and taper crimps.

RCBS produces different types of dies which are X-Dies, Precision Dies, Competition Rifle Dies, Carbide Pistol Dies, Cowboy Dies as well as Custom Dies. All of which are made with high quality and precision. RCBS dies are available in both 2 and 3 die sets that are the non-slip adjustment.

RCBS also provides their customers with a limited lifetime warranty. When anything happens to your dies, they will either fix it or replace it with no time limit, basically, you can rest assure that they have put great quality to their products.

How To Choose The Right Dies

Naturally, you would have to choose the right die for the type of ammo that you are working. The type of dies that you would like to use should be the best in its category so that you can get better process while working on it. Straight cases would normally require a 3 dies set while bottleneck cases can be used with 2 dies set.

The best reloading dies may not always be the most expensive or the most popular. This is because some brands may not have the particular die that you may need. For some reloaders, they also use different brands for the particular caliber that they are working on. Of course, it will also come in handy to ensure that you also have the necessary tools that you might need when reloading your own ammunitions.

On the other hand, some reloaders believe it to be best to choose a die according to the reloading press that you are using. Most of the time, companies manufacturing reloading presses also sell die sets that are made only for their presses, this means that it is necessary to choose a die that is guaranteed to be compatible with your existing press.

Final Words

Based on the 3 best reloading dies that are mentioned above, it is important to know that they all have differences when it comes to their prices. Some may also have different features but basically, they offer the same service for its users. It is no doubt that the Lee Precision brand was among the most popular if you greatly consider the price. However, some may otherwise believe that the other two, Hornady and RCBS have greater quality over the others.

In this case, the decision will always be best done when supported by proper research or for some, loyalty as they have been using the same brand for years. And since most of the brands mentioned here have been in the industry for the longest time, you will actually find some older models still reliable up to this date.

Choosing the right dies to work with promotes accuracy, quality products as well as safety. To ensure that you are getting the best out of your tools, choose the brand that delivers to their promise and continues to provide you with quality and satisfaction.

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