Best Crossbow For The Money 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide [UPDATED]

Best Crossbow For The MoneyYou a hunter? Of course, you are. Now the next question is, do you believe in change? Do you love to be into something new? Something extraordinary, ultimate stylish that is exciting as well? I am about to show you the path of an exciting hunting experience. Crossbows are the name of the excitement here.

Are you in? If the answer is yes, then I am going to get you started. I am going to inform you about the best crossbow for the money 2016 along with some other best hunting crossbows for money.

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In a hurry? – Or do not want to go through all the crossbow suggestions

Check the most economical yet productive and the overall best choice for this list, below

Just to let you started. Crossbows can be of several types. But the most modern and warmly accepted crossbows are the recurve and the compound crossbows. Recurve crossbows are simple while compounds crossbows are comprised of some discs. Usually, compound crossbows are more powerful than the recurve ones. But recurve crossbows weigh less than compound ones.

Best crossbow for the money

Sooooooooo, which to choose? The choice is up to you according to your requirements. What type of hunting are you into? Long range or short range? If short is the answer, the name of the best recurve crossbow for the money is given below along with some other best crossbows for the money.

Anyway, am I using the phrase ‘best crossbow for the money’ too much? It is because I am assuming you are new into crossbows and you should pick the best crossbow for the money for yourself before getting your hand on to the pricey professional ones. However, if you are interested, you will find info on some professional crossbows too.

For novice and newcomer crossbow users:

1. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Review – The cheapest under 200

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit ReviewArrow precision inferno fury is a very cheap recursive crossbow. And you know me, I do not suggest that lacks quality, here the arrow precision inferno fury is not either. It is a miraculously good performer whenever you take FPS in count at this price point. Whenever it is a cheap product, durability comes next. To talk about the sustainability, it is not cheaply built. It will last long, but yes – you have to take a good care of it. Specially the bow strArrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kiting.

Be sure to wax the string on a regular basis; it is very important. Nobody is a pro right from the first. We stumble and we learn. Anyway, if some common mistakes can be averted, you can save some time and get right into the action from a bit earlier. Newcomers are welcomed to try the Arrow precision inferno fury recursive crossbow.It is inexpensive and very lightweight. Beginners suffocate to maintain heavier crossbows since their hands and muscles are not quite ready to bring and carry around more cumbersome crossbow around. So, the lightweight feature comes very much in handy in these regards.

Start practicing with some steps ahead with the Arrow precision inferno fury. The lightweight structure will let you move the crossbow freely. Whenever practicing with crossbows, the main important part is to figuring out the aiming procedure, gathering accuracy. Connecting the mind with the bow scope.

Other minor facts like attenuating the stress occurred from carrying crossbows for a long time will be reduced eventually with time. That is why a lightweight but crossbow is always perfect for the beginners. That is what I was talking about, initiating the practice with some steps ahead.

You might already be known of the fact that it is not for the big games. The velocity of the bow is 235 fps which is not quite flat but not adequate for the bigger purpose. However, within a short distance, it will still do great. According to your necessity.

Let’s talk about its’ design. Whenever the crossbow is cheap, a poor outlook hits in mind itself. Do not worry, the Arrow precision inferno fury crossbow is not anything near like that. It is patterned with a camo pattern. Nice texture. Hunters usually do not fall for the design of a crossbow. It is the performance they care the most. However, if you are into nice outfit, this is one of the best crossbow for the money that will not dishearten you in this respect.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury at a glance

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 150 pounds – Very low, excellent for women and teen.
Velocity: 320 FPS – not great, will do okay for long range shooting, Okay for short range shooting
Scope: A 4×32 red dot scope – I was hoping for something better
Bow Weight: 8.5 pounds – Heavy. For progressive users. For those who want to be familiar with heavy crossbows eventually.

What is in the box

  • The crossbow itself
  • Premium 3-dot scope
  • Weaver-styled mount
  • Four arrows (You might want to buy some extras)
  • Shoulder sling
  • Assembly hardware
  • Quiver
  • Very lightweight, only 4.8-pounds
  • Very cheap yet quality enriched crossbow.
  • Very easy to use, A big clap to the light weight again.
  • Excellent customer service
  • One year of warranty.
  • The cheapest
  • Quickly detachable quiver included
  • Padded shoulder sling included
  • Weaver-style scope mount which is adjustable
  • Ambidextrous improvised auto safety
  • Compressed fiberglass made limb. Ensures durability
  • Lightweight composite rear stock
  • The arrow provided along with it possesses very low quality
  • The overall bow procedure is slow
Arrow precision inferno fury – Made for beginners, Presenting the Lightest recursive crossbow

So, bottom-line? Why would you buy it? For whom is it intended for? Well, it is the cheapest. Of great built quality, as well. Very lightweight, you can drive the crossbow very easily. In a word, the Arrow precision inferno fury is beginner’s heaven.

SA Sports Empire Terminator ReviewHere is another cheap recurve crossbow. Usually, it is priced higher than the previously described arrow precision inferno fury, but not that much. It roams around within $10-$20 higher than the arrow precision. This slightly increased price helps to provide a more elegant outlook and a bit enhanced velocity. About 25 fps higher than the arrow precision.It is still a cheap recurve crossbow nonetheless. So, the durability issue is still a possibility.

No need to be worried. The SA Sports Empire Terminator is also a good crossbow that will last long. Several important joints like the string to limb joint, the joint of flight groove and the limb are bonded firmly. No chance of failing in short term.The latch and the scope are also of good build quality. Since there is no durability issue and the price is low here. You have successfully found another comparatively best crossbow for the money for the novices.

The SA Sports Empire Terminator is almost identical to the Arrow precision one. Only the velocity is slightly increased. So, it will generate force better than the previously portrayed arrow precision but it is still not enough for big hunting. The velocity of the bow is 260 fps. It is not sufficient for professional hunting. As it possesses an acceptable velocity of 260 fps. Within short range, it will do great.

I Have told about its’ design before. Aesthetic camo outlook. Not cheaply made and it does not look like a cheap one. It is also very lightweight. Very generous option for the beginners.

SA Sports Empire Terminator at a glance

Type: Recurve
Draw weight: 175 pounds – Excellent for the beginners.
Velocity: 260 FPS – not great, will do okay for long range shooting, Good for short range shooting
Scope: 4x32mm multi-range scope – Premium attachment option
Bow weight: 4.5 pounds – Very lightweight. Carry around without any hassle.
  • 11’’ power stroke.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Axle to Axle 26 inches
  • Velocity is low. A slightly faster arrow speed would be better.
SA Sports Empire Terminator – Another pick for the beginners, Another very lightweight crossbow

Now about the important part, why would you buy it? For whom is it proposed for? Well, it is also a cheap recurve crossbow that will not be short of quality. Another Very lightweight, you can maintain the crossbow very easily. So, now you say the SA Sports Empire Terminator is made for whom. Yes, you are right. It is another beginner’s heaven.

Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow ReviewHere comes the first Excalibur crossbow. Excalibur is known as an expensive crossbow brand. But with price, comes quality here. However, don’t be alarmed already. The first featured Excalibur crossbow is an affordable one for everybody. And yes, still it is a very fine-grained product.This one is also made for the beginners.

This is a recurve crossbow. It is a famous model among the recurve crossbow lovers. It is balanced and easy to use like other crossbows for novices. And the most splendid part is the assembling of the Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SMF Grizzly is very easy.

Want to hear out why this crossbow is exceptional from others? Excalibur has been providing powerful crossbows for long. This one is not apart from that. But how? It is a recurve crossbow, right? And recurve crossbow cannot beat a compound one. Well, I am not trying to justify that it is better than a compound crossbow. But it is the best recurve crossbow for the money. The little weight along with the velocity is too good.

I will be specific here about its specs. The weight of the Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly is only 5.5 pounds. Little weight. Perfect choice for teen or women. It is lightweight but not cheaply built. It is constructed by a sturdy frame made of composite materials. This gives the frame strength and durability.

Usually, I suggest lightweight crossbows to beginners. It is also a lightweight, but I will not tell that it is made for novices. It is made for pro crossbow lovers. The velocity of this recurve crossbow substantiates that. This high velocity is rare out of a recurve crossbow and that makes it attractive crossbow among recurve crossbow lovers. However, if newcomers want to start with a pro crossbow, this can be the one for them.

The size of the Excalibur Crossbow SMF Grizzly is very small comparing other. And it is good. Very compact in size. Another reason to be picked up by novices. Saying again, It is not meant for beginners, but beginners can choose the Excalibur SMF grizzly if they want.

Excalibur Crossbow matrix SMF Grizzly at a glance

Type: Recurve
Draw weight: 200 pounds – Some might find it difficult to cock. According to your strength
Velocity: 304 FPS – For beginner crossbow hunters
Scope: Vari zone Scope
Bow weight: 6 pounds – Lightweight.


This crossbow does not have any anti-fire mechanism. Though it is one of the best choices for the beginners but you have to very careful if you are a beginner. This is crucial. If you think you can handle it, only then buy it. Otherwise, buy the one with the anti-fire mechanism.
  • Small size. Very wise choice for shooting in congested areas
  • Very light. Only 6 pounds
  • Attachable quiver and 4 bolts are included with the package
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Adjustable scope
  • No anti-fire mechanism. Told you about this before. Check and re-check that portion. (Very important)
  • Rails are not made from aluminum
Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SMF Grizzly – Lightweight but big fish hunter

The most impressive thing of the Excalibur Matrix SMF Grizzly is its lightweight. Yet it is capable of shooting at a much higher speed. Totally nailed it. However, the draw weight here is relatively higher. But that is what makes you a pro, right?

For progressive and pro crossbow hunters

4. Barnett wildcat C5 Review – The Best crossbow for progressive teen or women

Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Package ReviewThe Barnett wildcat C5 is designed and manufactured for newcomers who want to stretch their limit. What if a person wants to begin hunting with crossbows but wants the initiation with a compound crossbow? Not a recurve one? Doesn’t the person have an option? To solve the issue, Barnett co. has come forward and resolved the issue Without any doubt, Barnett is one of the crossbow brands that occupy front row seats. Barnett made this crossbow for the novices.

Professionals have faith on Barnett’s crossbows. I think Barnett manufactured the Wildcat 5 to generate the confidence in newcomers. Since it is made for the beginners, newcomers are supposed to start their journey with Barnett by this model. Thus, eventually, the Barnett feelings will be produced by learners. You will understand that from the very first shooting I think.

Capable of spawning fast and powerful shot. The scope is of good quality. High accuracy will be provided. Cheap and powerful.

The most popular models of Barnett. To be clear, it is not the most featureful crossbow from Barnett. But it is priced below than other Barnett crossbows. And you know Barnett, they make no compromise with the quality. So, counting the price to performance ratio, it is an excellent compound crossbow. Very popular among its users. Best Barnett crossbow for the money.

It is designed for beginners and mid-level hunters who hunt with a crossbow. So, if you are a beginner, here’s another one for you from well-reputed Barnett.

Build quality and outlook in terms of its’ cheap price

Worried about the quality? Come on, its Barnett. No obsolete incompatibility will be found. Energetic wheel enabled quad style limbs engage a stable and a powerful draw. The draw weight here is 150 Lbs but it is a compound crossbow and the strings make it easy to pull the draw weight.

Now about its’ weight. It weighs 8.5 lbs, bit heavy compared to other crossbows for beginners. It is not for the beginners though. Each of every three crossbows portrayed above are an excellent choice for the beginners. Here, the CenterPoint Sniper 370, however, is not. The weight here is higher, not an ideal choice for the beginners.

There is another almost identical crossbow to the Barnett wildcat C5 is available from Barnett. It is also for the beginners. It is Barnett jackal package. Its’ velocity is a little bit reduced. And the great part is, the weight is reduced significantly too. If you think wildcat C5’s 8.5-pound weight would be too heavy for you, here is your solution. The Barnett jackal package weighs only 7.7lbs.

Check the Barnett jackal package here

Barnett wildcat C5 at a glance

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 150 pounds – Very low, excellent for women and teen.
Velocity: 320 FPS – not great, will do okay for long range shooting, Okay for short range shooting
Scope: A 4×32 red dot scope – I was hoping for something better
Bow Weight: 8.5 pounds – Heavy. For progressive users. For those who want to be familiar with heavy crossbows eventually.
  • Comes with A quiver with three 20-inch solid arrows
  • Extremely quiet (Does not make any noise, best crossbow for the money considering silence)
  • Very durable, not only the bow, the arrows too that come with it
  • Great outfit
  • Massive five years warranty
  • There is no rope cocking device. However, the draw weight here is very low. A rope cocking device is not needed here.
  • The scope provided is not good. Close range will do alright but long range shooting is not recommended with this crossbow
Barnett wildcat C5 – best Barnett crossbow for the money?

I have to say that I have nothing to complain about it. It is designed as per beautiful outlook and using convenience also. The foregrip is embellished with camo design. The limb is plain as simple with no compound color. And about the usage convenience and comfort, it has a thumb hole that assures proper hand placement. Very user-friendly for the beginners.

Now to answer the question, it is not the best Barnett crossbow for the money I think. Yes, it is the cheapest, but Barnett has one other model that priced more than this but has a hell lot of features compared to this. See that here (Barnett Buck Commander Extreme).

5. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Review – The cheapest crossbow for pro hunters

CenterPoint Sniper 370 ReviewAnother compound crossbow to be featured. You might hear the name of the CenterPoint Sniper 370 compound crossbow for its cheap price. Compound crossbows are complex structured thus end up being pricey. And the significant part is, the CenterPoint Sniper 370 maintains the usual specifications that one compound crossbows should have. That is why it is one of the best crossbows for the money.

The carrying weight of the CenterPoint Sniper 370 is 7.9 pounds. It is not that very light weight you can say. But comparing other compound crossbows, it is light. If the weight were a bit reduced, it would be a great choice for the beginners. It weighs .7-.8 pound more than the Barnett Buck Commander extreme. Not a moderate choice for the beginners.

Now another important fact. It is the structure of the crossbow. How compact is it? The CenterPoint Sniper 370 is shorter in size. More Succinct than the previous Barnett one. Shorter crossbows are easy to carry around, easy to put up, to aim and shoot. It is only 24 inches long.

Generating 370 velocity off of this compact crossbow is impressive. And for this feature, it is one of the best crossbows for money in my opinion. The price is very cheap.

The draw weight is a little bit enhanced. It is a must otherwise producing that great velocity would not be possible. 185-pound draw weight means you have to be strong while cocking. The CenterPoint sniper 370 compound crossbow is fully adjustable. There are tactical stock and forearm. It is aluminum made, sturdy build.

Let’s talk about the noise now. Usually, compound crossbows with reasonable price tend to create noise. But the CenterPoint Sniper 370 have integrated string suppressor to suppress the noise and make a clear vibration free shot. Actually, it is all about special concentration of the manufacturer. The Barnett one was focused to reduce the weight. Here, the CenterPoint 370 crossbow is made with the capability of generating little to no noise.

A little brief about the scope. Did the name CenterPoint 370 Sniper get your attention when you read the name first? The scope of the CenterPoint 370 is a whole new story. A 4×32 mm scope is included. Hard to miss the target. Another plus one for the beginners.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 at a glance

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 185 pounds – Slightly heavy. For average men.
Velocity: 370 FPS – Very good. Specially from crossbow of this compact size
Scope: 4x32mm scope – Premium attachment option
Bow weight: 7.9 pounds – Heavy, For professional hunter
  • Very much flexible, fully adjustable
  • String suppressors included for vibration and noise free shot. Very quiet
  • Quad limbs. The limb has four distinct portion. Enhance precision
  • Tactical stock and foregrip present
  • CNC machined aluminum flight groove
  • Bow weight is heavier than most of other crossbows. Unfamiliar persons will face problem here. It is a crossbow for professionals
  • Draw weight is higher. Not for beginners.
CenterPoint Sniper 370 – end game within this price point?

So, viewing all the pros and cons of the CenterPoint 370 compound crossbow, what do you think? Is it enough to make you acknowledged with the excitement of crossbows? If you want my reaction, I’d say it is the end game within this price point. The best crossbow you can get for the money.

You can buy it even if you are an amateur. Though the weight is about a pound higher, other aspects are very much beginner friendly. And a bit weight is not that bad, right? If you want to become a pro, eventually you will have to carry crossbows with higher weight somedays.

6. Invader G3 Review – Cheap, Lightweight, Yet high velocity

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package ReviewThis article is written focusing mainly to help the amateur crossbow lovers. That is why I am mainly concentrating on to the best crossbows for the money. Since it is recommended to choose a cheap crossbow to evaluate the key things of a crossbow for the novices.

But now I am going reveal a different type of crossbow before you.What if a newcomer wants to buy a crossbow with a bigger price to ensure the utmost quality while it is still made for a learner? If you are that person, the Invader G3 from wicked ridge by tenpoint is a perfect solution for you.

It weighs only 6.6 lbs. Ideal for beginners. But possesses the quality and velocity equal to a crossbow for professionals.

Usually I tell about the build quality of a crossbow that is made for newcomers. It is because they are likely to be cheap and nobody wants to buy a cheap crossbow but very fragile one. However, the Invader G3 is not cheap. Premium build quality is ensured. No need to talk further about this.

The weight comes next. It is one of the most lightweight crossbows currently available. And that is why it grabs the place of a great crossbow for newcomers. Saying again, it weighs only 6.6 lbs. More than perfect for the beginners.

Now about the velocity. It has a pure 330 fps velocity. And that is the most impressive part. I mean, how? Literally, I am very much overwhelmed by the velocity of the Invader G3. Usually, you can find this amount of fast velocity in the crossbow made for professionals. And those are hefty.

The Barnett wildcat C5 weighs 8.5-pound and the velocity is 320. Weighs 2 lbs. Higher than the invader G3 but the velocity is ten fps lower. Excalibur matrix grizzly SMF crossbow weighs similar to invader G3, but the velocity here is way below than the Invader G3, only 304 fps. It is the only lightweight crossbow that can generate such massive velocity.

The Barnett wildcat C5 weighs 8.5-pound, and the velocity is 320. Weighs 2 lbs. higher than the invader G3 but the velocity is ten fps lower. Excalibur matrix grizzly SMF crossbow weighs similar to invader G3, but the velocity here is way below than the Invader G3, only 304 fps. It is the only lightweight crossbow that can generate such massive velocity.

Invader G3 at a glance

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 165 pounds – Okay for everybody
Velocity: 330 FPS – Very good. Specially from crossbow of this lightweight
Scope: 3x Multi-Line Scope
Bow Weight: 6.6 pounds – Lightweight.
  • 6.6 lbs weight, 330 fps velocity, mic dropped, no additional feature needed.
  • Very cheap counting the weight to velocity ratio
  • The scope is average quality
The Invader G3 – One of the best bangs you can get for the buck paid

You are a newcomer into this crossbow world, but want a great crossbow that will serve for quite a time as it is capable of creating great velocity. You should buy the Invader G3 right away. The only lightweight crossbow capable of generating massive velocity. Ferocious!!!

7. Barnett Buck Commander Extreme Review – The best cheap option for progressive hunters

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT ReviewThe more enhanced version of the Invader G3. Now it’s again the Barnett. It weighs only a bit more than the Invader G3, but velocity? Giant 365 fps. In this context, it is better than the Invader G3. That makes it the Best choice for novices. If you can stretch your budget, then it will be the best initiator into the crossbow world.What makes a crossbow a perfect choice for the beginners? It is the weight. Every beginner suffocates while trying to pick up a heavier crossbow and shoot at a time. So, it has to be a lightweight crossbow. The Barnett Buck Commander Extreme is one of the most lightweight compound crossbows.

It weighs only 7.1 pounds. It is slightly higher than lightweight recurve crossbows, but it will be tough to find a compound crossbows weighing less than the Barnett Buck Commander Extreme.

There is another important aspect to focus, the structure of a compound crossbow when trying to choose the best crossbow for the money for beginners. It is how concise it is, how compact it is.

Compound crossbows consist of some extra parts that is absent in recurve crossbows. Such as cam/wheel, extra string cables. That is why compound crossbows occupy greater space. Beginners feel discomfort while carrying around a crossbow that is bigger in size. The more compact it is, the more comfortable it is for the learners.

The Barnett Buck Commander extreme is very compact when cocked. You can even shoot using only one hand. Just cock the crossbow, you are ready to go. Aim and shoot, with one or both hand. Good for the beginners.

Now, about the accessories. What you get with a successful purchase of a Barnett Buck Commander Extreme is given at the later part. Just know that it comes with all the necessary tools a hunter will need.

And about the velocity, its’ velocity is 365 fps. Higher than recurve crossbow as it should. You will find compound crossbows with higher velocity, but they tend to be pricey. Within this price point, getting such velocity is surprising.

Barnett Buck Commander Extreme at a glance

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 185 pounds – Slightly heavy. Okay for men. Average women and a teen might find it difficult to cock.
Velocity: 365 FPS – Very good. Specially from crossbow of this lightweight
Scope: 3x Multi-Line Scope
Bow weight: 7.1 pounds – Not heavy. Lightweight comparing the velocity
  • Similar to the Invader G3, much better of the Invader G3 in terms of performance
  • Very lightweight, and 365 fps velocity!!!! The most captivating part of the crossbow
  • Compact design. Very much user friendly
  • Ergonomic (human hand shape adaptive) design
  • CHEAP!!! (Regarding price to performance ratio)
  • It will nevertheless make noise. No big deal for beginners I think. Noise is a big issue for big hunting where silence is required.
  • Sling is not included. A big letdown for crossbow with such performance.
Barnett Buck Commander Extreme –  A Best-selling crossbow, best compound crossbow for the beginners

One of the lightest compound crossbow available right now. Very brief while cocked. Best Barnett crossbow for the money for the beginners.And you know the best part of it. Massive 365 fps whereas it weighs only 7.1 pound. Not the most lightweight crossbow you find. But comparing the velocity, it is the most lightweight crossbow. Other than this, which crossbow can provide this giant velocity out of this lightweight body.

8. Barnett Ghost 360 CRT ReviewA moderate crossbow for professional hunters

Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package ReviewAnother crossbow from trusted Barnett corp. This time it is a compound and a moderated crossbow.This one is known for its relatively lightweight and the sturdy built in terms of the accuracy it provides. The thing impresses me the most is the pure balance that comes off out of it. Sometimes the weight is small and appropriate for a beginner, but the draw weight is too high for beginners. Total mishap which it is not. Mark it as one of my favorites.

The size here is compact and easy to use. The Barnett Ghost 360 CRT might not be able to captivate you with its velocity, but it is all about the convenience of usage. And when it comes to being a perfect choice for beginners, usage convenience should come first before velocity or other specifications.

The Barnett Ghost 360 CRT weighs only 7 pounds. Was telling about the Barnett Ghost 360 another one of best crossbows for the money for beginners. Here is its’ another novice-friendly usefulness. Sheer balanced and very easy to use.

Its’ velocity is not lower either. It possesses a velocity of 360 fps. It is better than other beginner’s crossbows comparing the velocity. I would not say that it is made for the big games, but it is not that low level either. Very much capable of participating in bigger actions.

Barnett Ghost 360 CRT at a glance

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 160 pounds – Okay for everybody
Velocity: 330 FPS – Moderate
Bow weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Barnett’s unique 5 in 1 safety firing system
  • Scope is good. Great overall built quality. Will provide good accuracy
  • The scope is adjustable as well
  • Compact in design
  • Easy carrying option
  • Cocking mechanism is absent
Barnett Ghost 360 CRT – A purely balanced crossbow for the newcomers

Barnett Ghost 360 CRT allows a user to experience a well-balanced crossbow. It does not have any remarkable characteristic but everything that is needed in a crossbow can be found here as required. A well-balanced crossbow for the novice crossbow users.

9. Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow ReviewCompound crossbow for progressive hunters

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package ReviewNow, here comes my personal favorite one. And it is the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT. It is very famous among the professional crossbow lovers. It is the top-rated compound crossbow from Barnett. It is also the possessor of the highest velocity from Barnett.It may seem bit expensive to you. But with cost comes usage convenience and a massive velocity of 410 fps which is very rare. If you want to go big, you have to pay a bit more.  And whenever it is for 410 fps velocity, the price should be paid. I paid. And I was completely satisfied with my purchase.

Anyway, comparing other crossbow and their specifications, what you will get with the buying of Barnett Ghost 410 CRT for the price paid, I would say you are getting that for a relatively cheap price.

Let’s see the features of one of the fastest crossbows at a glance to buy in 2017

Type: Compound
Draw weight: 185 pounds
Velocity: 410 FPS – Excellent. Massive velocity for professional hunters for one time result
Scope: 3×32 Scope. Premium scope option.
Bow weight: 7.9 pounds – Heavy, for professional users
  • The fastest. Most velocity generator crossbow (Giant 410 fps)
  • Compact yet very powerful
  • Great accuracy
  • Only I’d say is its noise. No dampening system is included
Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow – Undoubtedly the best crossbow for the money

The Barnett Ghost 410 CRT crossbow is miraculously powerful and well-balanced crossbow. The weight is not that low, but professionals do not care for the weight much, they care about the performance which is very much available here encapsulated in a sturdy built. The most craved crossbow that every crossbow should check out and have in their collection.

10. Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review – The best Excalibur Crossbow for the money

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package ReviewIt is for recurve crossbow lovers-Really, the best Excalibur crossbow for the money? You can see that it is priced high. Probably it is the most expensive crossbow here in the list. Then how it can be the best for the money? Well, Excalibur crossbows are good crossbows, but they are known as expensive comparing the others. If you look closely at it’s specs, it is the best Excalibur crossbow for according to what you have paid.

It is a recurve crossbow. Now the game has changed. Recurve crossbow has its own benefit over compound crossbows. But the problem is recurve crossbows usually generate less velocity than the compound ones. Told you before. But this common syndrome is changed here. It is the fastest recurve crossbow available right now. It has a velocity of 380 fps which is very far from other recurve crossbows.

Draw weight here is 260 pounds. Should have been difficult to cock, but special cocking mechanism available here to ease you with the cocking. It is a necessity, otherwise, this massive velocity wouldn’t be possible.

Was telling about some conveniences of recurve crossbows. Recurve crossbows are devoid of extra cables that are present in compound crossbows. Professional crossbow hunters recommend recurve crossbows for this reason. If you want a recurve crossbow and also want to go big, the Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is your only choice.

Excalibur Matrix 380 at a glance

Type: Recurve
Draw weight: 260 pounds – Special cocking mechanism available here to ease you with the cocking.
Velocity: 380 FPS – Very good. Specially from a recurve crossbow
Scope: Excalibur’s compact tact zone scope. Specially designed for fast velocity – from Excalibur.
  • Best recurve crossbow.
    If sky is your limit and you are a recurve crossbow lover, this is the best you can get right now
  • Special cocking rope included, and the low power stroke helps to cock the bow very easy. Even though its’ draw weight is 260 pounds.
  • Saying about the power stroke again. Only 13.1-inch power stroke to be precise
  • Ergonomic grip stock
  • The high price is its only con I suppose. Otherwise, it is a great recurve crossbow
Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow – simply the best recurve crossbow

Is it worth of your purchase? Do you need this giant recurve crossbow? well, the answer is plain and simple. You probably noticed that I enlisted the high price as its only con. So, where does that lead us? If you want to get your hand on the best recurve crossbow out there, it is the only choice. Money does buy happiness here.

Crossbow buying guide:

If you are a professional crossbow hunter, you may skip this part. I am going to teach you about some significant parts of different aspects of crossbow after pointing out different types of crossbow themselves. I am going to assert the standard measurement of this aspects, which will be good, which will be an unwise choice for you etc.

Welcome newcomers into the crossbow world. I have thought of three types of crossbow users. I mentioned this type of crossbow users by name above and suggested the perfect match for them.

Novice: Totally beginner and who does not want to be a professional crossbow hunter. This type of user hunt with crossbow only for fun.

Progressive crossbow hunter: This type of users are also beginners, but they want to become professional. They love crossbow and dream about being a professional crossbow hunter one day.

Professional crossbow hunters: All Pro, sophisticated crossbow lovers are within this user set. They know what they are doing.

I suggest you decide within which type you are, then be acknowledged about the significant parts. I have given a thorough instruction on which to choose later on. Check that, pick according to your type, and you will find the best matching crossbow for your profile in no time.

So, enough chit-chat, let’s proceed

Types of crossbow:

There are six types of crossbows. They are –

  • Recurve crossbows
  • Compound crossbows
  • Pistol crossbows
  • Rifle Crossbows
  • Bullet Crossbows
  • Repeating crossbows

Among these, recurve and compound ones are the most effective and popular. Others are still in the inchoate state.

Significant aspects of a crossbow to lookout while buying crossbow for yourself

Draw weight: It refers to the strength required to pull the string on the trigger. On another perception, it can be said that the essential power to pull the arrow before the flight is the draw weight.Usually the bigger the draw weight is, the faster the speed of the arrow will be. Anyway, nowadays different mechanisms are being invented consistently. There are some crossbows available right now that can shoot the arrow slightly faster with relatively lower draw weight.

Usually, the draw weight lies between 75 to 200 pounds

The Velocity: It denotes the actual speed of the thrown arrow. Generally, the velocity depends upon the draw weight.

However, there are many other aspects that actively responsible for tweaking the velocity. The crossbow manufacturers alternate these crossbow units to generate more velocity out of relatively lower draw weight. These crossbows are made for the beginners.

Power Stroke: It indicates the length between the string and the trigger or the cocking point, whatever you may call it. In a word, Where the length between the position of the string before shooting and the position of the string after shooting is called power stroke.

It is an vital role playing characteristic of a crossbow. Told before that draw weight actively controls the velocity. Though there are other abstracts that slightly control velocity, but the draw weight is the most important. Simply you cannot have greater velocity out of very low weight.

The main conciliatory role playing unit here is the power stroke. If the power stroke is lower, than higher draw weight is not felt much as it should.

The Scope: Another important part of a crossbow is the scope. It actively controls the accuracy. The higher quality the scope is, the higher accuracy will be provided out of the crossbow.

For long range crossbows, the zoom of the scope also plays important role. Anyway, additional scope enhancement is available. There is some best crossbow scope for the money can be found on the market. You can choose to buy one of them later if you are not satisfied with your stock scope that came with your crossbow.

Cocking device: Another significant part of a crossbow is its cocking device. Cocking device helps the user too cock the crossbow. It reduces the use of force to cock the crossbow according to the draw weight.

Cocking device can be of different types. Usually, it is a rope known as cocking rope for recurve crossbows.

Usually, cocking device is built in into compound crossbows.

Many crossbows do not come with any cocking device. Be sure that these crossbows have additional cocking device to buy additionally. Otherwise, you will have to cock the crossbow barehandedly. Be sure you are well capable of that before buying a crossbow without a cocking device.

Miscellaneous: There are some other properties and parts that are needed for comfort. Padded slinger is one of them. Moreover, there are stirrup sturdiness, ingredient of flight groove, ingredient of limb, limb type (quad limb, di-limb) etc. that help you to feel comfortable with your crossbow.

Crossbow pickup suggestion:

For novices: If you are a novice, want to hunt using crossbow just for recreational purpose, keep it simple.

Whenever you want to buy a crossbow, look for crossbows with lower bow weight and draw weight. Low bow weight helps you to carry your crossbow for long, lower draw weight will help you to keep yourself together. You can save your energy for hunting. Otherwise you will be out of your breath momentarily just to cock the crossbow.

Next comes the velocity. The higher, the better. But low draw weight usually cannot produce higher velocity. Wonder among the beginner’s crossbows described above, pick up the one with higher velocity after keeping the low bow and draw weight constant.

Recommended measurements:

Bow weight: 4.5 – 6 pounds
Draw weight: 75 – 150 pounds
Velocity: Upper the better after ensuring above measurement

For progressive crossbow hunter: Now, here is the most interesting user community. If you are a newcomer but want to progress, keep these in mind.

First, choose your weakness and your strength. You can start determining your state keeping three simple things in mind.

  • If you are a strong person, then I should let you know that strength can be of two types. Some people possesses much strength but cannot carry a heavy substance for a long time. This type of people is strong but lack stamina. If you are one of them, try to pick a crossbow with higher draw weight but try to keep the main bow weight lower. Say, between 4.5-6.5 pounds. You don’t have to worry about it now. Eventually, your stamina will grow better and you will be able to carry a heavy crossbow for long later.
  • If your stamina is good, but you think your strength is little lower than the other. Try to pick a little heavy crossbow but keep the draw weight lower.
    If you want to progress faster, then I would suggest picking a little bit heavy crossbow with higher draw weight. The key thing here is to choose a crossbow with shorter power stroke. This will make you familiar with higher draw weight.For compound crossbow lover: The Barnett 480 will be the best choice for you here.
    For recurve crossbow lover: The Excalibur matrix 380 will be the best choice for you here.The crossbows mentioned above may seem expensive too you. If yes, then try to choose the best crossbow for the money regarding the issue.
  • The matter of velocity comes next. Higher velocity is always better. But some people tend to have problem with faster arrow speed. They cannot maintain the minimum limit of accuracy. For them, I would suggest crossbows with moderate velocity. Whenever you fix this issue, you can pick a crossbow with higher velocity then.

For Professional crossbow hunters: Well, what can I say, you guys are the one. You know what you are doing. The sky is the limit for you. Go as far as you can.


Crossbow maintenance tips:

  • Waxing is the most important. With time, the string can be too firm to shoot. This is when the string might be torn. To prevent the situation, you have to wax the cord on a regular basis. If you can maintain this, the string of your crossbow will last long.
  • Never pull the cord without loading the arrow. This can seriously damage the crossbow. You may injure yourself too.
  • If you are not completely sure that you can hold heavy weight for long, try to buy a lighter crossbow
  • Usually, crossbows come with user manual. Follow the instructions thoroughly to assemble the bow. Learn about how to adjust the scope too.

Final assertion

There you go. That is all you need to know about crossbows. Enjoy your ride. One last tips for you. Practice, practice and practice. Buy a best crossbow for the money, will not cost you much – and start practicing. You will be a better hunter who hunts with a crossbow, in no time. That long cherished desire of you, will come true in no time.