7 Benefits of Handloading Slugs

Are you someone that really likes owning and shooting your shotgun? You certainly are not alone when it comes to liking this weapon that has become so versatile over the years. You now even have so many choices in the type of shotgun shells you use and among those slugs have become more popular to shoot as of late. The reason for that is due to the major improvements in slug technology that are being achieved.

shotshell reloading

Along with this newfound interest in shooting improved slug ammunition, many shotgun owners are also doing their own slug reloads. In this article, I will discuss some of the major reasons why a shotgun owner would want to take the time to handload their own slug shells.

The Best Reasons to Do Your Own Slug Hand Reloads

  • Big savings

Decades ago you did not have many choices when it came to buying shotgun shells loaded with slugs. Most often these slugs looked like they were a bullet end that had been compressed or just a round ball. That is hardly the case today as slugs have taken on a whole new sophistication. The problem is this new amazing slug technology has one very big drawback and that’s they have gotten extremely expensive to buy.

What is expensive you want to ask? It is not unheard of these days to pay over $20 for a box containing 5 or 6 slug shells. That can surely result in some expensive misses when you are out hunting bigger game.

This is a major reason why more and more people are now handloading their shotgun slug shells more than ever before. If you buy your slug making materials in bulk you can save as much as 25% – 75% versus the cost of buying slugs at retail prices.

  • More practice shooting

Because the price of slug ammunition is getting so expensive many people are very hesitant to even go target shooting with their shotgun anymore. If you are using long range slugs just a few dozen practice rounds can set you back a small fortune.

If you are handloading your own shotgun slugs you are also reducing the price of your ammunition in most cases. That means you will be a lot less apprehensive to go to the target range more often and hone your shotgun shooting skills.

  • Precision assurance

Are you one of those people that have some tasks at work that you absolutely insist on doing yourself? The reason being you just don’t trust others doing them right. Well many hunters and avid target shooters are like that when it comes to the slugs that they use.

Without a doubt, if you have the proper reloading equipment at your disposal you can do some ultra-high quality slug reloads. Unlike manufacturers who use automated shotgun slug production processes that are not always foolproof, you can take the time to do such as measure your powder precisely and seat your slug in its shell casing at the exact depth your specifications sheet calls for.

So many people who handload their own slugs do it because they simply don’t trust another person or process to get it right.

  • You can improve range and accuracy

The production of shotgun and other ammo is strictly regulated for safety concerns. So much so these days that it can affect the performance of a shotgun slug. If you are doing your own handloads then you can reload your own specs that it can improve the range and accuracy of your slugs.

  • It ensures you have a supply of ammo

These days it’s all too common to go to a sporting goods store or gun retailer and find they are out of the type of slugs you like. That will never be a problem for you if you are reloading your own slugs. You alone can then determine the amount of slugs you have on hand to meet your target shooting and hunting needs.

  • Relaxing and fun hobby

It’s a face paced world that we live in these days and because of that, we all tend to get stressed out from time to time. There is no better way to get rid of anxiety and worry than to have a hobby that takes your mind off of things. Many hunters and shotgun enthusiasts find that reloading their own slugs is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

  • Modern equipment has made the slug reloading task much simpler

These days if you own the best reloading press for shotgun shells you will have no problems making large batches of shotgun slugs in little or no time. The shell reloading process has even become fairly automated with some higher quality reloading presses.

There is one thing you must be aware of though when looking for a new reloading press for handloading slugs. That is that not all reloading presses have the ability to reload slugs. So as you are searching for the best reloading press, make sure you note which reloading presses can indeed reload shotgun shells. After that check out some reloading press reviews on these models to see how well users think they do the shell reloading task.

A Lot Can Be Said For Reloading Your Own Shotgun Slugs

Reloading shotgun slugs is not for everyone of course. If you have very limited free time or the money you spend on ammunition is inconsequential then it’s probably not something you would be interested in. On the other hand, if you do have an interest in doing it you can tell from the list above that there are many benefits to handloading your own slugs.